Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bernie's Wet Dream...

Deluded Reasoning

Beware! The Rescuer.
As you ride swiftly
on your white horse,
with your kind & trusting nature

Finding yourself in a dark deep hole,
dug especially for you.
Fed worms by the supposed victim,
expecting you to be grateful.

How did I get here?
You ask yourself.
Recognising you have been here before,
realising, You are the victim

Naive, Naive, Naive!

In your role as the rescuer,
you don't recognise the signs,
the subtle means they use
to control you.

So easily manipulated.
You are in a battle,
teetering on a tightrope
heavy with undeserved guilt

Whilst the "victim", plays you so easily,
justifying their behaviour.
Angry, jealous, threatening
selfish & devious, blaming you.

Trying so hard to get a hold on you,
pushing you into a corner.
Self absorbed
with their deluded reasoning.

Next time you are tempted to play the rescuer,
remember that by your very nature,
kind, trusting & naive,
You are perfect victim material.
Carole Oneill, "The Rescuer becomes the Victim"